About Designs by Nature Gems

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Designs by Nature Gems combines passion, beauty, and a love for crystals. Started in 2013, the company has evolved to represent positive energy through making high quality, handmade artisan work.

Creation Process

Each piece either starts with a nature derived concept or follows the organic line of a crystal. From this point, lead designer, Laura Sultan, decides which technique will best engender the passion for nature’s beauty that underlies my work. Methods used may include wire wrapping, wire weaving, wire crochet, chainmaille, or a combination of the aforementioned. The final step is the fun part- Laura and/or her apprentice, Emma D’Souza, physically making the piece!

No machinery is used in making of our work. All pieces are made by hand in Toronto, Canada.

Raw Ingredients

All materials are sourced from local stores in Ontario, Canada, or if that is not possible, American suppliers, in hopes to support local and/or small businesses like myself.

All metals are nickle free, lead free, and hypoallergenic. The exact metal material ranges from copper core wire, aluminum, 0.925 sterling silver, 14k rose gold, or 14k gold depending on the piece. This information can be found in the piece description.

Crystals are procured from suppliers in North America and from my travels to New Zealand, Iceland, Canada, and the USA.

Our Team

Laura Sultan, Artist and Designer of Designs by Nature Gems

Laura Sultan
Designer & Creator

My love to create started in 2011 when I was teaching at-risk youth in New Zealand. During that time, making beautiful, nature inspired art balanced the hardships I saw daily. Moving to Canada in 2013  was a cosmic push to heighten my artistic skills and work on my business. Starting from about nothing, I slowly developed the intricacy of my work, the techniques I use for my art, and the clientele who purchased it. Moving to Toronto heightened the my work’s natural focus as a heart-felt effort to remain connected to the natural world within a big, bustling city.

Emma D'Souza

Emma D’Souza
Apprentice Extraordinaire

Emma currently studies at Ontario College of Art and Design in the Material Design program. She has a passion for making and detail. Each piece she co-creates (or creates) shows the love and care she puts into her work.

Where We Are Located

We are located in Toronto, ON near Bloor and Ossington. You can see our work in person at art shows or in these stores.

If you would like to pick-up a piece, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment.