Mother's Day Gift Ideas - 5 Crystals That Will Make Your Mom Happy

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - 5 Crystals That Will Make Your Mom Happy

Do you know the crystals that make mothers happy? Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to get learning! The natural stones listed below increase popularity every year Mother’s Day. Each of these stones carry healing vibrations including love, calmness, and - of course- feminine energy. Plus, four of the five are also birthstones.


Rose Quartz- Stone of Warm, Soft Love

Rose quartz maintains popularity throughout the decades. This healing crystal connects to our heart chakra to enhance care and love. The stone provides a softer vibration giving the same warmth we feel around friends and family. We use this energy to relax and release stress as we do with these people.

Why is rose quartz a stone for Mother’s Day? We give our mom the feeling of love when giving rose quartz. Being a mother is tiring. It demands a large amount of emotional energy and time. Mothers often feel depleted at the end of the day. Rose quartz just gives her a little bit extra to help. She will feel warm and more relaxed after putting the little ones to bed or supporting the big ones on their personal journeys. 


Emerald - Stone of Bravery, Love, and May’s Birthstone

Raw Emerald Crystal NecklaceEmerald offers a double win for the gifter. Emerald resonates to the heart chakra like rose quartz, but instead of a soft vibe, it connects with our inner strength. This heart-based strength translates to love-based bravery. Also, emerald is May’s birthstone, giving it the double meaning for any woman who gave birth in May.

What makes emerald a Mother’s Day crystal? Moms face trial and tribulations raising a child. We (yes, I am a mom) face tough scenarios that we know our reactions can deeply affect our child or children. To do what we do, we need to be brave. We have to be courageous in face of our inner demons and choose the right path for our child and for ourselves. We have to make tough decisions that may upset other members in the family. Being a mom is hard- emerald connects us our own intense strength.


Aquamarine - Stone of Stress Release and March's Birthstone

Aquamarine helps us release stress and emotions. This healing stone resonates with our throat chakra to let us communicate our feelings. In turn, we release negative energy and stress. Also, aquamarine is March's birthstone giving it special meaning for mothers who gave birth in March.

Why should one give aquamarine on Mother’s Day? Being a mom is stressful. If her child is young or old, she cares for them, worries about them, and, if young, physically keeps an eye on them to make sure they do not hurt themselves. Long days and intense emotions all lead to stress. Aquamarine helps your mom let go of some of this stress to be more relaxed.   


Citrine - Stone of Creativity, Self-Confidence, and November’s Birthstone

    Citrine gives mom the fun outlet she may needs while helping her be more confident. The yellow gemstone resonates with our solar plexus chakra where we hold passion and creative energies. Our connection there helps us express how we feel n fun ways. As a consequence, we become more self-confident by sharing our creative ideas. Our self-confidence leads to abundance and stress relief. Plus citrine is November’s birthstone for mom’s who had November babies.

    Why does Mother’s Day and citrine go together? Every person needs a creative outlet. This includes mom with her crazy, intense life. A creative outlet helps her release the stress that she acquires throughout the day. In addition, her making an artistic world leads her to feel more self-confident and call abundance to her.



    Moonstone - Stone of Feminine Energy, Centering, and June’s Birthstone

    Always save the best for last- in this case, moonstone! Moonstone helps center ourselves and our emotions by balancing our feminine energy with our masculine. In today’s society, we often focus on production and achieving goals. To fulfill our expectations, we must use masculine energy to move forward with speed and efficacy. This often leaves our feminine sides ignored and creates inner unbalance. By wearing moonstone, we help restore our balance and create a more centered self. Also, it is June’s birthstone for those moms with June babies.

    Why does moonstone fit Mother’s Day? Simple answer- its vibe is mom. The crystal represents feminine energy. Mother’s use feminine energy to provide the emotional, mental, and physical strength required to raise a child. Moonstone helps bolster mothers to do what they need to do- physically grow, give birth to, and raise a healthy, happy child. This is why moonstone is the traditional stone of motherhood and expectant mothers.



    Now that you have learnt about the five stones of Mother’s Day, which one fits your mom? If one does, please check out our collections of gifts.

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