How to Use and Heal with Quartz - Manifesting Dreams

How to Use and Heal with Quartz - Manifesting Dreams

Amplify your own energy by using clear quartz! This popular healing crystal resonates with pure light energy to enhance your own energetic wavelengths. You can easily wear it to increase your own energetic vibrancy when working towards your goal and dreams.


Why Quartz Amplifies Energy

How does clear quartz do this? Here comes the pseudo-science: Energy moves in wavelengths. Quartz naturally lets all the wavelengths travel through it due to its translucency. When these wavelengths travel through quartz, quartz's physical structure multiplies these wavelengths. By multiplying these wavelengths, quartz naturally amplifies and enhances the energy that goes through it. This applies to us when we wear quartz crystals. Our own energy is multiplied, enhancing our vibration as we work towards our goals. Thus, this stone is excellent for manifesting your dreams.


Why Are Some Clear Quartzes Not Clear

Visually, clear quartz ranges from translucent to milky. How clear the clear quartz actually comes from where the crystal forms. For example, quartz the forms in Brazil is often more translucent than quartz that forms in Pennsylvania. The plants and minerals in the soil where these crystals form create this variation. In addition, clear quartz sometimes naturally becomes a milky cream color again from the environment they grow in. If you want to discover the variations of quartzes around you, maybe check out the local rockhounding clubs in your area. Curious what rockhounding is? Click here for an excellent explanation. 


How to Use Clear Quartz in Your Daily Practice

You now know that clear quartz boosts your vibrations to achieve your goals. The next question is how to do this? The answer is simple: Just be you. When we work towards a goal, let that be physical work, mental preparation, or prayer, we give our energy to the universe to help this goal manifest. Carrying or wearing clear quartz while we work multiplies our energy during that time. Our multiplied energy enters the universe to manifest our dream. Therefore, just by being you with clear quartz, you are amplifying your own energy to manifest your goals!


Where to Get Clear Quartz

You can easily find clear quartz that resonates with you by

  • Visiting your local rock shop and feeling for the quartz that matches your vibes
  • Rockhound in your area to dig out the quartz that you feel connection with
  • Check out our quartz collection and choose a piece that calls to you

Through all these methods, the most important step is to make sure that the quartz you wear calls to you. After you find it, make sure to set your intention and cleanse the quartz as needed.

Thanks for reading and always feel free to message me any questions on the crystal meanings or creating a custom talisman for you!


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