October Birthstone - The Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

October Birthstone - The Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

Some days we all feel that we need some protection. Within the last couple years, black tourmaline became the number one protection stone for crystal lovers. This stone’s main vibe helps with purifying energies, grounding you, and clearing the mind, as we well as protecting you from bad vibes. The stones complex structure and frequency helps us change those negative influences into general energy we can use to achieve our goals.

But before we begin, a little general information on this popular stone….

Mining of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline can be found all around the world, from North America to Pakistan to Namibia in Africa. The majority of black tourmaline found on the market comes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Namibia, and Madagascar. (Interesting fact- the majority of stones found on the market comes from these countries plus Brazil.)

Name and History of Black Tourmaline

The Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka originally gave black tourmaline its name. Known as tormalli, the term seemed to have stuck as we started to trade the crystal. The Germans and many Eruopeans knew tourmaline as schorl in the 15th century and only relatively recently have people realizes that schorl and tormalli are the same stone.

People have used black tourmaline as part of protection amulets and protection spells for centuries. 

How Black Tourmaline Purifies, Protects, and Grounds

The October birthstone resonates with our root chakra to ground and center us in our daily activities. This helps ground us to the physical world when living our bustling, daily lives. Tourmaline’s specific black color also absorbs all energy frequencies. Its ability to do this arises from basic physics: the color black absorbs all light and colors. Seen and unseen light wavelengths carries most energy. By black tourmaline’s color absorbing surrounding energy, the healing crystal protects us while grounding us.

(Fun fact: Any black stone grounds and protects us. Each one just does it differently.)

What separates black tourmaline apart is its ability to purify the energy it absorbs. Black tourmaline can develop an electric charge. Its ability separates negative and positive electric ions, or parts of energy, into sections on opposite ends of the crystal. This action purifies the absorbed energy and lets the stone release general energy into our aura. We then can use this purified energy to make a positive change in our or others’ lives, changing it actually into positive energy :)

What To Use Black Tourmaline For

  • Black tourmaline helps…
  • Soothe panic attacks
  • Help overcome substance abuse and addition
  • Clear our mind to focus on the objective ahead
  • Increase self-confidence through connecting you to your physical being, aka “Self”
  • Absorb electromagnetic energy- put some next to your computer! ;)
  • For meditation: Grounds you to the Earthly plain letting you safely explore the spiritual realm


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