What is Magic in the Crystal World

What is Magic in the Crystal World

We all want a little magic in our lives. To become more centered, wiser, experiencing fun life-altering event. Movies typically show magic as this force that changes lives through external powers that do not exist in our world. People who have these powers can change the world around them by stopping time, moving faster than light, or using wind to push over a building. Movies also do well to show that having essentially superpowers come with a large dose of responsibility. This responsibility transforms the person by putting them through various tests that arise due to their powers. In this message, the movies got the concept of magic correct.

Magic means something different in the energetic world. It means working with our own energy to shape the world we want for ourselves. The magic we create goes inward first and then becomes outward. Through our thoughts, choices, and finally actions we send vibrations into the universe. These vibrations construct the future we wish for ourselves and loved ones.  

Personal magic also became to mean psychic abilities and intuition. Many of us who live in the crystal world also use tarot or oracle cards to help guide us along our path. We connect to our inner wisdom, guides, and general Spirit to give us advice at times of general curiosity and/or need. Our connections let us explore and learn more about ourselves and how we create the world around us.

Magic as Transformational Energy

With all this in mind, magic in crystal world means transformational energy. It’s us opening up to higher vibrations and our guides to learn lessons needed to grow within ourselves. This growth affects our choices, actions, and thoughts. 

As we grow, we will face difficulties that help us learn lessons to heighten our own abilities and our affect around us. We become more connected to our Universe and what it may need from our specific gift set. Magic’s transformational energy leads us to being more connected to all beings and sometimes being in the fastlane learning life’s lessons.

What Crystals are Magical?

Magical crystals vary from person to person. Yet, one crystal has been agreed on to be magical: labradorite. Labradorite’s vibrations helps you connect to the darkness where all creation begins to listen to and occasionally use that energy to shape the world around you. This in turn becomes transformational energy, aka magic. 

If labradorite doesn’t call you, don’t worry. Each person interacts with different crystals differently. Essentially, a person has a crystal talisman that may vary throughout their lives. I personally have had three within the last three years: moonstone when pregnant, ruby when I had to open-up my passion for life again, and now labradorite, a stone that has followed me throughout my life since a child. This last and current one likely will remain for me, but I am unsure if it won’t have a compagnon later on.


Want to figure out what crystals are magic for you? Please feel free to message me for a consultation! <3


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