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Mens Raw Amethyst Crystal Necklace - February Birthstone Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Amethyst Crystal Necklace

From $ 56.99 USD
Let your higher wisdom give you a strong protection vibe with this raw amethyst necklace. Bold line with detailed design makes this rustic stone necklace a great fit for any...
Raw Dark Amethyst Necklace - Silver Wire Wrapped DesignsbyNatureGems

Dark Amethyst Necklace - Silver Plated Necklace

From $ 99.99 USD
Let the dark purple vibes release your stress with this raw amethyst necklace. Known as February's birthstone, the women's and men's crystal necklace's design and stone connect you to your...
Raw Bloodstone Necklace - March Birthstone Pendant - White Gold Plated Brass DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Bloodstone Necklace - Pendant - White Gold Plated Brass

From $ 68.99 USD
Be strong and earthy when wearing this bloodstone necklace. Combining nature's raw power with polished raw stone, bloodstone helps you reach your goals with courage and determination. The versatile wire...
Men's Raw Peacock Ore Necklace - Bornite Pendant DesignsbyNatureGems

Men's Raw Peacock Ore Necklace - Bornite Pendant

$ 84.99 USD
Dark silver creates a unique, detailed setting for this peacock ore necklace. Also known as bornite, the amazing raw crystal naturally forms this way from nature. The wire wrapped pendant...
Aquamarine Pendant Necklace in Bright Silver DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Aquamarine Pendant - Silver Plated Necklace

From $ 88.99 USD
Bright silver creates an organic style setting in this aquamarine pendant. Known as March’s birthstone, the aquamarine necklace emphasizes your crystal necklace's watery vibe through its detailed design. The wire...
Gold Wire Wrapped Raw Citrine Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Gold Wire Wrapped Raw Citrine Necklace

From $ 171.00 USD
Feel like a queen with this heavily detailed raw citrine ring pendant! The elegant statement pendant has different designs on front and back to give you versatility and playfulness in...
Silver Wire Wrapped Aquamarine Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Aquamarine Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace

From $ 49.95 USD
Feel the flow with this everyday aquamarine necklace. Made with loving vibes, bright silver elegantly compliments aquamarine into an elegant, daily design. The everyday necklace is an excellent surprise for...