Raw Ruby Crystal Necklace - Pink Sapphire Pendant - July and September Birthstone Necklace

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14k rose gold and sterling silver wire wrap around a genuine pink ruby in this raw ruby necklace! Handmade with love and passion, the July birthstone necklace creates a spectacular pink crystal necklace that will give you a stunning smile and likely be noticed by your friends. Pink ruby crystal's vibes help release your life force to integrate with your heart's intention to manifest your dreams!


Meaning of Pink Ruby

Pink ruby helps manifest your goals with love and passion. The healing crystal resonates with the heart and root chakras to release your kundalini energy or life force, and help it travel up to your heart.

Make it a set with ruby earrings, charms or rings.



  • Crystal: Ruby
  • Color: Pink
  • Clarity: 20c
  • Wire Wrap Materials: 14K Gold and Sterling Silver
  • Necklace Material: Sterling Silver
  • Necklace Length: 18"


Please note: We will send the image of your ruby stone selection within 1 business. Please respond within 24 hours for us to make and ship your piece before 3 business days. If you do not, we will hold the pendant for 2 days before shipping to make sure you have the chance to choose your ruby. This will extend the processing time to 3-5 business days.**

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