The Meaning of Citrine, the November Birthstone for Abundance and Creativity

The Meaning of Citrine, the November Birthstone for Abundance and Creativity

Citrine is the stone of abundance and creativity. It yellow-golden color reminds us of the sparkling beauty that we feel when we accomplish our goals. To achieve this, we must work hard, connect to our inner muse, and hope the universe provides us with the abundance needed to make our dreams a reality.


Why Does Citrine Mean Abundance and Creativity?

The meaning of citrine arises from the chakra it resonates with- the solar plexus chakra. – Personally, I call it the tummy chakra as it is easier to remember.- Citrine’s golden color matches this chakra’s own energetic color. As a result, the two shades vibrate on the same frequency which amplifies their resonance. In citrine’s case, this chakra represents creativity and digestion. It is the power force behind expressing an ideal uniquely.

Once we start working with citrine, this creativity helps us manifest our dreams.  Sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, they materialize into our lives, filling our lives with abundance. We call it abundance as it is the reality of our dreams becoming what we live in- a true blessing.

If you would like to know more about why the meaning of citrine forms, please check out my video below. 

Formation of Citrine

Citrine comes from the quartz family of stones. Also known as silicon dioxide, citrine develops when quartz become amethyst. Once this occurs, the amethyst is heated to transform into citrine.

People have created many synthetic citrines by heat treating amethyst in a lab or even heat-treating smoky quartz, which can also transform into citrine.


Fun Fact

Citrine became one of November’ birthstones in about 2016. As such, you can share the abundance by giving it to one’s who have a November birthday. 

Handmade Citrine Jewelry

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As always, feel free to learn more. Below are some sites that will help you along your citrine journey~




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