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How to Cleanse Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals

As I love working with and teaching about crystals, I figured it was time to explain how to cleanse crystals. Each person’s individuals energy and personality often leads them to one or two methods. – I work with salt water, earth, or palo santo depending on the stone I am cleansing and if it is set in jewelry. – As you read through the list below, please choose a few methods that resonate to you. If you unsure if one does, just pay gentle attention to if you catch yourself thinking about it repeatedly or if your eye re-reads the method a couple of times. That should give you an idea.

White Sage or Palo Santo Smoke (aka Smudging)

The most popular cleansing methods include using white sage or palo santo smoke. This practice involves lighting the sage or palo santo, letting it catch fire for a few seconds, and blowing the fire out leaving the sage or palo santo smoking. Once the smoke is easily flowing, hold the crystal or jewelry above the smoke for a couple minutes. (Use your instinct to help you know the exact time required. My own pieces of jewelry can range form 30 seconds to 4 minutes depending on the energy caught within them.) Once you finish cleansing your crystal, dip the white sage or palo santo in water to stop the smoking. Only when the sage or palo santo has stopped smoking should you leave the room.

If you choose this cleansing method, please make sure you practice it in a well ventilated area. Having an open window or outside is ideal. Otherwise, the smoke can become intense and possibly uncomfortable, like incense left burning for hours.

Do Not Use if  you are asthmatic or sensitive to incense. If you are worried about it at all, please ask your family doctor before using this method.

Moonlight to Cleanse

Another popular method for cleansing is leaving your crystals or jewelry out under the full moon. If your intuition pulls you to this method, place your crystals or jewelry out once it gets dark to let the beautiful moon rays cleanse away the unwanted vibes. In the morning, the crystals or jewelry should be cleansed.

If you miss the full moon, do not worry. A full moon actually occurs for three entire evenings. You can always put them out the next night most likely. And, if you miss that, you can leave them out for two consecutive nights when the moon is not at its fullest.

If you would like to learn more about this method, please read

Bury It Under a Tree

I personally use this method semi-frequently. As I adore earth energy, I trust in it to cleanse my crystals as needed. If you also feel pulled to this method, just make sure to put your crystals or jewelry in a porous bag before burying it. You can use a tea bag, coffee sleeve, or cheese cloth for this part. Essentially, you just want to leave small holes to allow the earth touch it but not get into the crystal’s or jewelry’s crevices. (If it does, you will just have to clean it though- so not really a big deal.)

As for how long to leave your crystals or jewelry in to cleanse, it is up to you. Use your own intuition. This method is often slower as it incorporates earth energy, which by nature moves at a slower pace. If you are uncertain how long, you are always welcome to dig your item up, check how it feels, and rebury it if needed. The earth and crystals understand. 

Oh! And do not use this method if it will rain. The water will seep through the bag and that hurts some crystals.

Salt Water Bath

This method can only be used for crystals not in jewelry. If it is used for jewelry, the salt will react with the metal. Gold, sterling silver, copper, brass, titanium- it will react. The reaction may lead to the metal changing color or eating away at the material.

Now, onto the method: Mix salt water in a bowl of cold water. This may take some time. You want the water cold as it helps cleanse the crystals. Warm water still has faster moving particles in it, which affects the water’s energy. Once the salt has dissolved, place your crystals into the water. Leave them in the water overnight and they should be cleansed by morning.

Do not use with jewelry. If you do, it will likely hurt your jewelry. In some instances, it makes it impossible to wear.

Other Methods

As with anything that has a long history to it, there are various other methods that can be used to cleanse crystals and jewelry. Below lists a few more if you are curious to learn more.

  • Place crystals or jewelry in a singing bowl. Make the bowl sing with items inside.
  • Leave in a bag under a flowing creek or spring.
  • Ask a spiritually connected person to help cleanse them.

And always- please feel free to ask questions!


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