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Love for Aura Quartz – Meaning and Designs

Love for Aura Quartz – Meaning and Designs

Recently, I have developed a passion for aura quartz. This love developed unintentionally, and in truth, with me actually not liking these stones a year ago. As a crystal lover and worker, stones should be natural. The more natural, the better. Raw crystals, specimens, tumbled crystals- great. Cut and shaped crystals…still ok. But manmade? Never! Or that is what I thought a year ago…

How I Fell in Love with Aura Quartz

As mentioned before, I almost hated aura quartzes a year ago. They were manmade. The did not really serve a purpose but to look fashionable. (Yes, ironic for someone who works in fashion.) They do not have a great story to them like goldstone or even opalite. What they do have is a popular shape with some cool colors.

So, how did I come to love these stones? Easy- I made myself work with them. Part of being a businesswoman and artist is knowing when to make an item because it will sell. Aura quartzes sell and sell well. They naturally form into geometric points favored both in fashion and in the energetic world. They have a clear quartz base that is great for energy work. They have funky colors that can easily be used in mens and womens fashion. They are small. They are fun. People like them.

Sure enough, I became one of these people. Working with these manmade crystals made me appreciate their colors and energies more. Each aura quartz has a special vibe fitting to its color. The colors resonate with our chakras giving the aura quartzes meaning. These meanings help these stones heal people, like crystals found in Mother Earth.

Meaning of Aura Quartzes

By no means am I educated in aura quartz crystal properties. When working with stones, I am mainly an intuit who loves researching crystals to learn more. For some reason, these stones give me an energetic door when trying to read them. (Maybe because they are manmade and I am a nature being.) As such, I have to depend on research for their meanings.

For this research, I have depending on the amazing Crystal Vaults and Seredipity Crystals, two websites that I repeated reference and use in addition to my books. Below is just some short information on each type:

Angel Aura – Gives a loving, sweet energy that stimulates the spirit and elevates your mood

Aqua Aura – Intense vibration to activate the chakras while soothing the emotions and relaxing your body

Champagne Aura – High vibrations with the solar plexus and sacral chakras to help grounding and putting your psychological ideals into your spiritual practice

Flame Aura – Enhances meditation and spiritual attunements. Its vibration helps awaken kundalini energy and its flow up the spine

Rainbow Aura – Activates all energy centers in the body, clearing the path for our life force to manifest itself

Aura quartzes also come in Apple Aura (green), Opal Aura (opalescent), Ruby Aura (pinkish red), and many more varieties.

Making Aura Quartz

As mentioned earlier, we make aura quartz. They do not form in the earth with Mother Nature’s loving guiding hand. They are shaped by adhering different particles to the outside of clear quartz crystals. What does make this process cool is that precious metals are what is adhered to these crystals. Each aura quartz has one or many of the following attached to it: gold, titanium, silver, platinum, niobium, cobalt, and many others. Using the same list from below, here is a peak of the metals used to create these beautiful crystals.

Angel Aura – Quartz bonded to platinum and silver

Aqua Aura – Quartz bonded to gold

Champagne Aura – Quartz bonded to gold and indium

Flame Aura – Quartz bonded to titanium and niobium

Rainbow Aura – Quartz bonded to gold and titanium

A bit more on the science side, these metals adhere to the quartz crystals under a strong magnet. Once the metal is bonded, we heat the crystals to create the amazing colors that each aura quartz has. Science led to beauty in this case.

Aura Quartz Designs

Now the fun part! (Ok, other fun part- discussing the meanings is fun.  ). Check out the designs below using three different types of aura quartz crystals.

Aqua Aura Quartz Necklace in Silver

Rainbow Aura Quartz Necklace in Gold

Angel Aura Quartz Necklace in Antique Bronze Wire

Aqua Aura Quartz Necklace in Antique Bronze

Champagne Aura Quartz Necklaces

If you would like to see more designs, click here for the piece listed on my website or click here for different designs located in my Etsy shop  And remember- feel free to return as I keep making more pieces!! <3


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