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Meaning of Aquamarine

Meaning of Aquamarine

The meaning of Aquamarine

The meaning of aquamarine in Latin means “water of the sea” due to its beautiful, bright, blue color. Aquamarine highly connects to the element of water and the moon. Aquamarine is the stone of communication and emotional cleansing. Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for March.

Why does Aquamarine mean communication and emotional cleansing?

The beautiful blue color of aquamarine indicates its power of awakening emotional and spiritual intelligence. The stone helps you to connect with the universe and be on your highest frequency.  The blue color of aquamarine also indicates tranquility and peace. As the beautiful stone is very calming, it has the ability to calm the beholder and their surroundings.

Aquamarine’s most notable healing vibe is its great emotional cleansing ability. The stone helps to release any bad habits, past traumas, heartbreaks. It helps you to forgive, forget and move on so you can continue your best life. Aquamarines calming and communication properties helps you to communicate calmly and clearly when feeling emotions of anger, stress, and anxiety.

Aquamarine associates with the throat chakra, and is best worn as a necklace hanging close to your throat. (We can help you with that with one of our handmade aquamarine necklace designs!  ).The stone helps you to communicate more clearly and truthfully, helping you to get over any fears of speaking. This results in you feeling more confident and staying on your highest frequency.

Formation of aquamarine

Raw aquamarine forms when magma under the earth’s crust gathers with mineral rich rocks. These rocks are called pegmatites. As they combine, a high amount of heat forms them into the beautiful crystals. Aquamarine is made up of a mineral called Beryl. Beryl comes in many colors but iron is what gives aquamarine its beautiful blue color!

Aquamarine is located in mountains usually in Africa, Indian, South America and Russia! The quality of the stone is determined by its color- the brighter the blue the more value to the stone. You will come across many aquamarine stones that are transparent and very beautiful. In rare cases, you may come across an aquamarine with a cat eye effect.

Handmade Jewelry Designs

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Not only are crystal completely beautiful but they are so damn interesting! If you’re looking to learn more about aquamarine, its properties and powers there are many more articles and blog post on the internet.

I use these websites all the time to learn about crystals and why they are so amazing to have in your life.


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