Autumn Equinox

The autumn equinox is almost upon us. As the sun moves over the equator, we see point where the sun’s path and celestial path intersect creating a glorious moment. The day becomes just as long as the night and we begin the fall season.

In honour of this year’s equinox, we created a dedicated collection focused on balance - balancing ourselves and balancing our energies. 

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Moonstone, the Traveler's Stone (June Birthstone)

Welcome to June! This year has been moving very quickly and yet somehow, not fast enough. We are all looking for support and inspiration at this time of the year. There is so much energy, and with it, the idea of endless possibilities. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we are filled with a new hope for the days to come. June’s birthstone, moonstone, helps us focus that new hope we feel into new possibilities. Moonstone brings its beauty through a variety of colours, distinguished by its white reflection and soothing feel.

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