Herkimer Diamond Collection

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Amplify Your Pure Light Energy

Amplify your own pure light energy with our Herkimer diamond jewelry collection. Each piece incorporates raw Herkimer diamonds with precious metal to honor the beautiful vibe these crystals give.

Lotus Charm Necklaces

These crystal charm necklaces integrate an exclusive Toronto-designed lotus charm with a rare Herkimer diamond only found in Herkimer, NY. The necklace symbolizes that true beauty only flourishes when facing difficulty- just like a lotus flower needs to grow through the murky swampy waters to achieve its beauty.

Pillar Ring

Inspired by the concept of a flower emerging from the vine-covered earth, the Herkimer diamond ring represents beauty emerging from earthy roots. Its 14k rose gold-filled setting creates a soft yet vibrant vibe emphasizing the Herkimer diamond’s and your own beautiful light energy.

Custom Orders

Love our work but didn’t see the exact piece that calls to you? Please feel free to contact us for a custom order! We offer a variety of metals including antique bronze, sterling silver, 14k gold, and 14k rose gold to create the piece that you envision.  🙂