14K Gold Raw Sapphire Crystal Necklace - September Birthstone Jewelry for Men and Women

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Embrace your intellect with this striking reversible sapphire pendant and step out into the world with a decidedly earthy energy. Designed for the man who values beauty, craftsmanship, and personal style, this raw sapphire pendant features an 14k gold filled wire wrap and a reversible design for a truly inspiring piece of statement jewelry. Not only is this boho pendant an excellent gift for the gentleman who calls September his birth month, but sapphire has long been prized as the stone of wisdom, mental astuteness, and further education. Historically connected with kings and wise men throughout the centuries, this healing pendant will help you strike up conversations with every step you take.

You can choose the sapphire set to add some extra love into the sapphire necklace. You select the necklace length to fit your style.