14K Raw Green Peridot Crystal Ring

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Feel yourself glow with freshness and vitality as you wear this raw peridot ring! Created for women who love spring energy, this natural peridot ring is believed to help you let go of old negative habits to let the new positive change enter. The healing ring literally adjusts to whatever finger you feel the gemstone calling to as well! Just lightly push the ring on that finger, and it will adjust to that finger’s shape. If you need to make it smaller, put the ring on the smaller finger and gently push the sides inward until it fits.


Peridot helps your transition from negative cycles into healthy habits. The healing crystal helps prevent personal darkness by bringing a freshness from light energy and nature. You can use this energy to create healthier patterns in your emotional and mental self. Peridot resonates with the heart chakra to enhance and heal your heart-centered self.

Peridot is also August’s birthstone.

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