Raw Clear Quartz Rock Crystal - Bright Silver Necklace

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Necklace length
Chain Material

Vibrate with bright light energy when you wear this natural raw quartz necklace! Set in a detailed, lovingly crafted wire wrapped setting, the April birthstone necklace magnifies your own energy to manifest your dreams. You customize this clear quartz pendant to any of your outfits by layering it with crystal points or wearing it on its own for a strong style.


The raw quartz necklace is approximately 1.75" (3.81 cm) and about 0.75" - 1.0" (1.91 - 2.54 cm) wide. You adjust these dimensions by choosing the exact quartz set. Upon ordering, you will receive an image to select the exact raw stone that you vibe with.

Meaning of Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz helps to manifest your dreams by amplifying your own energy and intention that you emanate. This stone works primarily with light energy to resonate with all the chakras.

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