Jade Crystal Necklace

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Dark and bright silvers create an organic, detailed setting in this dark jade necklace. Also known as BC jade, the unique gemstone reminds you of the rich forest where the stone forms. The dual silver setting enables you to adapt the necklace to variety of outfits. The wire wrapped pendant also is reversible and gives you to designs to choose from when worn.


The BC jade necklace is approximately 2.0" (5.04 cm) tall by 1.0" (2.54 cm) wide. These dimensions do slightly differ depending on the jade you choose.


Jade helps to calm and sooth. Jade also helps with listening and following your inner truth during times of difficulty. BC jade specifically provides a more earthy, watery vibe that normal jade, connecting you to the wet, forest covered area that the specific jade is found. The crystal resonates with the heart chakra.