• The 5 Fundamental Crystals
  • The 5 Fundamental Crystals

The 5 Fundamental Crystals

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Learn about the five fundamental crystals that will jump-start your own crystal journey. All members of the quartz family, each stone carries a specific meaning and properties that can be used in your daily life.

This class will also explain the science and structural matrix of these stones. Don’t worry- not too much in-depth science! Just enough to understand how amazing the earth really is, if you don’t know already. 

Recommended Duration: at least 2 hours



We offer both online and in-person classes.

If interested in in-person classes, they occur in the Toronto at a cafe located at Bloor & Ossington. If you prefer to have your class in a studio or classroom, please let us know upon booking.

If you would like to have one of our classes outside the GTA area, we are happy to travel!