Raw Quartz Earrings – Gold Drop Earrings

Raw Quartz Earrings – Gold Drop Earrings


– Raw Quartz Earrings
– 2″ Gold Drop Earrings
– Wire Wrapped Earrings
– Easy to Close Lever Clasp
– Earring Length Can Be Lengthened or Shortened Upon Request


Gold gently wraps around two clear quartz crystals in these raw quartz earrings. The gold drop earrings both create a statement and sparkle when worn. Each single quartz catches the light and shines, complimenting their gold settings. With a 2″ (5.04 cm) drop, you will be noticed in these crystal earrings.


The quartz earrings are approximately a 2.0″ (5.04 cm) drop. The quartz crystals are a bit over 0.5″ (1.27 cm) tall and 0.38″ (0.97 cm) wide.


All material is nickle-free and hypoallergenic. Wire is 14k gold plated copper core wire. Chains and earring hooks are 18k gold plated brass. Flame aura quartz is made by binding titanium and niobium to a clear quartz crystal.

If you would like to know more about the material, please click here


Quartz crystal is a pure energy gemstone crystal. You can use it to focus energy going inward or outward depending on your intent. This healing jewelry can also be used to manifest realities through meditation, prayer, or just general belief.

Please let me know if you will need cleansing instructions for the gemstone upon order.

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