Moonstone Necklace – Wire Wrapped Pendant

Moonstone Necklace – Wire Wrapped Pendant


– Handmade Moonstone Necklace
– Reversible Wire Wrapped Pendant
– Healing Crystal Necklace
– You Choose Chain Material & Length
– You Choose Moonstone Crystal Used


Twin silver wire wrapped vines wrap around a semi-translucent moonstone in this handmade crystal necklace. The silver’s soft yet bright shimmering nature gently compliments moonstone’s soft coloring. The wire wrapped pendant is reversible and you choose what side to show each time you wear it.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon ordering, you will be sent a selection of moonstones to have your pendant made from. This message will be sent via Etsy within 1-2 business days post order. ūüôā


The rainbow moonstone necklace is approximately 1.5″ (3.81 cm) tall by 0.5″ (1.27 cm) wide.

You choose the chain length and material that accompanies upon purchase.

The moonstone necklace is approximately 2.00″ (5.04 cm) tall by 1.5″ (3.81 cm) wide. The size will range depending on the moonstone you choose for the center.

You choose the chain material and chain length you prefer in the drop down menus provided.


Moonstone is June’s birthstone.

Moonstone brings hope psychic abilities, and enhances feminine energies such as gentle intuition and sensitivity. The healing crystal is a stone of abundance and will open you to the beautiful gifts the universe can offer. or women, the gemstone also is believe to help with regulating one’s cycle due to its connection to lunar energy and is a protection talisman throughout fertility. Moonstone resonates with the crown and third eye chakras.

If you need cleansing instructions, please provide me with a note during check out.

I love doing custom orders! If you like my style, please feel free to message me with a color gemstone and/or style you are interested in.


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