14k Gold Obsidian Unicorn Necklace

14k Gold Obsidian Unicorn Necklace


  • Natural ObsidianUnicorn Necklace
  • Obsidian Represents Your Strong, Protective Spirit
  • 14k Gold Filled Metal to Remain Shining for the Years
  • Integrates the Stone of Protection for a Little Extra Help on Your Journey
  • Handcrafted with a Unicorn’s Love and Tenacitiy


Surely step forward as a strong black unicorn as your 14k gold obsidian unicorn necklace lays on you. Handcrafted with the love and tenacity you relate with this magical, mythical creature, this gold unicorn necklace shines when the light touches it as you shine through the light and dark parts of your life. The obsidian crystal represents the protection and surety-in-step like the unusual woman who is a dark horse- or a dark unicorn! Also believed to help with grounding when needed, the obsidian unicorn necklace symbolizes the inner strength that you hold to be true to yourself.


The 14k gold obsidian unicorn necklace is approximately 0.87″ (1.78 cm) tall by 0.68″ (1,58 cm) tall.  The unicorn pendant comes on a 2mm x 1 mm flat cable chain. You choose the chain length to fit your or a loved one’s style.


Obsidian is known as the stone of protection against negative energies and negative intentions. It resonates with the earth and Spirit to provide a little extra defense during those difficult times or fits a person who often doubles as a bright light for those who need to see one during darker parts of their life.

Please let me know if you will need cleansing instructions for the gemstone upon order.


This unicorn necklace features 14k gold filled metal, real obsidian and is nickel free and hypoallergenic.


I love doing custom orders! If you like my style, please feel free to message me with a color gemstone and/or style you are interested in.

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