Aura Quartz Drop Earrings – Silver Drop Earrings

Aura Quartz Drop Earrings – Silver Drop Earrings


– Flame Aura Quartz Drop Earrings
– Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings
– Secure Lever Latch Earrings
– Earring Length Can Be Lengthened or Shortened Upon Request


Silver wire wraps around flame aura quartz crystals in these aura quartz drop earrings. Combining elegance with a hint of alternative style, each purple blue aura quartz dangles lively from a single silver chain.  The crystal earrings are made with a strong, secure lever clasp to ensure safety and security when worn. With a 2″ (5.04 cm) drop, you will be noticed wearing these earrings.


The flame aura quartz earrings are approximately a 2.0″ (5.04 cm) drop. The aura quartz itself is a bit over 0.5″ (1.27 cm) tall and 0.38″ (0.97 cm) wide.


All material is nickle-free and hypoallergenic. Wire is 0925 sterling silver plated copper core wire. Chains and earring hooks are 0925 sterling silver plated brass. Flame aura quartz is made by binding titanium and niobium to a clear quartz crystal.

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Wearing flame aura quartz with ignite all your chakras. This aura quartz enhances meditation and spiritual attunement. Its vibration flows up the spine to awaken and spread kundalini (root chakra) energy.

If you would like to learn more about aura quartz, check out my blog post

Please let me know if you will need cleansing instructions for the gemstone upon order.

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