Peacock Ore Earrings – Healing Crystal Earrings

Peacock Ore Earrings – Healing Crystal Earrings


– Handmade Peacock Ore Earrings
– Bornite Stud Earrings
– Raw Crystal Earrings
– Healing Crystal Jewelry
– You Choose Between:
0.925 Sterling Silver or White Gold Plated Brass Backings


Small peacock ore crystals pop to create these unique raw crystal stud earrings. Peacock ore, also known as bornite or unicorn stone, is a naturally formed crystal that mixes pyrite with other earthy elements. This mixture leads to this colorful, beautiful stone that represents happiness and joy in the energetic world.

Each peacock ore stud is about 1/4″ – 1/3″ (0.64 – 0.76 cm) tall by about 1/4″ (0.64 cm) wide.

All material is nickle free, lead free, and hypoallergenic. The studs are surgical steel. The earring backings are white gold plated brass.

PLEASE NOTE: Bornite may cause slight skin irritation for some individuals. Please wear this pendant over a clothing if you experience this.

If you would like know more about the materials, my website page has more information:

Peacock ore, or bornite, has pyrite, or fools gold, as its base. The colors come water and air naturally oxidizing elements, like magnesium and copper, on the outside

Bornite crystal represents joy and happiness. The bornite in this healing jewelry enhances the upper chakras, most exactly the throat, 6th chakra, and the crown chakra while the brown jasper an citrine aids in grounding the energies.

If you need cleansing instructions, please provide me with a note during check out.

I love doing custom orders! If you like my style, please feel free to message me with a color gemstone and/or style you are interested in.

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Earring Backings

0.925 Sterling Silver, White Gold Plated Brass

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