Flame Aura Crystal Necklace – Rose Gold Unicorn Setting

Flame Aura Crystal Necklace – Rose Gold Unicorn Setting


  • Playful Flame Aura Quartz that Shines with Unicorn Love
  • Awakens Your Kundalini Energy to Resonate with Your Higher Self
  • Handmade Wire Design Integrates Flow and Positive Energy
  • Fun Raw Stone Design that Can Adapt to Any Outfit
  • You Choose Chain Material and Length to Fit Your Style


Play with the perfect piece of raw crystal jewelry to make that inner unicorn prance with joy! Inspired by strong unicorns and their passion for attention, the flame aura crystal necklace’s kaleidoscope of colors combine with a rose gold setting to fit your light-hearted, yet attention-loving, nature. It is believed your aura quartz necklace increases you enjoying life’s daily moments through awakening your kundalini energy and attuning you to your higher spiritual self. You customize this handmade crystal necklace to fit your style by choosing between silver, gold, black leather, dark brown leather, or black cotton for the chain material and by choosing the necklace’s length to fit your vibe!


Chain Lengths: 16 – 32 inches long
Measurements: 1.0- 1.5  inches tall by 0.25 inches wide (2.54-3.81 cm tall by 0.63 cm wide)
Chain Material: Silver, Gold, Black Flat Leather, Dark Brown Leather, or Round Black Cotton


Each flame aura crystal necklace features 100% copper core jewelry wire, real flame aura quartz, and is nickel free and hypoallergenic. If you would like to know more about the materials, click here.


Enhances meditation and spiritual attunements. Its vibration helps awaken kundalini energy and its flow up the spine


If you have any questions regarding custom jewelry, please feel free to message me with your questions and ideas by clicking here.

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