Black Arrowhead Necklace

Black Arrowhead Necklace


– Wire Wrapped Arrowhead Necklace
– Obsidian Necklace with an Earthy Vibe
– Womens or Mens Crystal Necklace
– You Choose Obsidian Arrowhead
– You Choose Chain Length & Material


This black arrowhead necklace uses antique bronze to create an earthy feel around a natural obsidian arrowhead. You can easily adapt this necklace to almost any style due to its simple yet detailed design. You choose the specific obsidian arrowhead, chain material, and chain length upon ordering the wire wrapped pendant.


The black arrowhead pendant is approximately 1.5″ (3.81 cm) tall by 0.8″ (2.03 cm) wide. You choose the length and material of the chain or cord in the drop down menu.


All material is nickle free. This specific mens necklace uses tin plated copper core wire. The wire will not tarnish over time.

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Obsidian grounds and protects you from negative energy. Formed from the cooled lava of a volcanic eruption, the healing crystal also aids in heightening your intuitive abilities.

Fun Fact: Obsidian is “dragon glass” in the Game of Thrones.


I love doing custom orders! If you like my style, please feel free to message me with a color gemstone and/or style you are interested in.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

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