6 Crystals that Make a Great Father's Day Gift for Dad

6 Crystals that Make a Great Father's Day Gift for Dad

Are you a stone lover looking for a special Father's Day gift for dad? Or maybe he loves crystals, but you are unsure which one to get. Each person calls to individual stones. Dads are no different- just their amazing role of parenting needs some extra vibrational help. Below are 6 crystals that will help your father, ground, center and live an even more amazing life as he shares in yours!


Black Tourmaline - Stone of Grounding and Protection from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline Necklace

Black tourmaline helps protect us from negative vibes and electromagnetic frequencies. In addition, it also carries a strong masculine vibration that helps ground and keep us rooted in the present.

So why would Dad love black tourmaline for Father’s Day? Because it will help keep him grounded and centered as he helps chasing those children. If you are his older child reading this, it still takes tenacity and emotional focus to parent - just a different variation from when you were six. The black crystal also will protect him from daily bad vibes that he may connect to unknowingly- an extra perk when being busy running his life and being there for those he loves.


Emerald - Stone of Bravery, Love, and May’s Birthstone

Men's Raw Emerald Necklace For Dad

Emerald’s energies give the father boldness to continue being the strong, brave man he is.

The green precious gemstone connects to our inner strength through resonating to our heart chakra. Emerald also is May’s birthstone, making it extra meaningful if Dad has child(ren) born during that month.

What makes emerald a great Father’s Day gift? All people sometimes need a little bit of extra strength to keep being who they are. Dads are no different. Even the most steady men face trial and tribulations raising a child. No matter the age, they need to be courageous in face of inner demons and choose the right path for our child and for themselves. The tough decisions they make sometimes needs a bit more extra inner strength to choose and act on.


Aquamarine - Stone of Stress Release and March's Birthstone

Men's Aquamarine Crystal Necklace for Father's Day

Aquamarine helps your awesome dad release stress and emotions. This healing stone resonates with his throat chakra to let him clearly communicate what he thinks - sometimes something difficult for men. In turn, he releases negative energy and stress. Also, aquamarine is March's birthstone giving it special meaning for fathers with babies born in this month.

Why would Dad love an aquamarine necklace? Being a dad is stressful. If his child is young or old, he cares for them, worries about them, and, if young, physically keeps an eye on them to make sure they do not hurt themselves. Long days and intense emotions all lead to stress. Aquamarine helps your dad let go and be more relaxed.


Quartz - Stone of Amplifying Energy to Manifest His Dreams

Quartz helps your father work towards and reach his dreams. The healing crystal enhances the vibrations he gives when striving to achieve his goals. The universe accepts this amplified energy to help manifest what he envisions for himself, his family, and his life.

Why does Dad need some quartz this father’s day? Every person wants to reach their dreams. Helping Dad out with some clear quartz is just like giving him a helping hand - a little pull up the ladder when he may be getting tired.  


Moonstone - Stone of Centering the Feminine and Masculine Duality and June’s Birthstone

Men's Handmade Moonstone Crystal Jewelry

Men live an intense life full of expectations and producing results. Moonstone helps center them through recognizing and giving space to the feminine aspects of our personality. By doing this, the crystal helps center your dad. Moonstone also doubles as June’s birthstone for any fathers with June babies.

Thought it may seem counterintuitive, moonstone makes a great Father’s Day gift. Being a Dad is hard work - lovingly raising a child with attention to their needs and emotions while also working within society’s productive expectations. Moonstone allows Dad to slow down, center, and honor his own duality as a person. This creates space and time where he can enjoy the amazing journey he’s on being a father.


Blue Tiger’s Eye - Stone of Releasing Stress and Anxiety to “Let Life Flow”

Men's Blue Tiger's Eye Necklace

Blue tigers eye, or hawks eye, soothes Dad to release stress and anxiety. Blue tiger’s eye resonates with his solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras to help him identify internal conflicts, recognize them, and then release those worries into the universe to help him feel calm.

All people - including Dad - carry stress from their internal world, let it be expectations, passing thoughts, or their pasts. Time often doesn’t allow a father space to process and release the energy that comes from these emotions. Blue tigers eye will help Dad out by helping his let go of these thoughts, calm, and enjoy the flow of life.



Now that you have learnt about the five stones of Father's Day, which one fits your dad? If one does, check out our collections for each stone!


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