Calming and Grounding Crystal Jewelry

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Raw Bloodstone Necklace - March Birthstone Pendant - White Gold Plated Brass DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Bloodstone Necklace - Pendant - White Gold Plated Brass

From $95.00
Be strong and earthy when wearing this bloodstone necklace. Combining nature's raw power with polished raw stone, bloodstone helps you reach your goals with courage and determination. The versatile wire...
Raw Bloodstone Healing Crystal Earrings - March Birthstone DesignsbyNatureGems

Bloodstone Stud Earrings

From $42.00
Be bold and brave with these raw bloodstone earrings. Made with positive vibes, natural bloodstone earrings give you an earthy forest vibe with anything you wear. Bloodstone helps you follow...
Bloodstone and Pyrite Wrap Bracelet DesignsbyNatureGems

Bloodstone and Pyrite Wrap Bracelet

Ground to your inner courage with this bloodstone leather wrap bracelet. Made bloodstone and pyrite, the healing crystals' energies help you work towards your goals with courage, determination, and drive....
Handmade Raw Bloodstone Crystal Necklace - March Birthstone Pendant DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Bloodstone Crystal Necklace -Antique Bronze

From $100.00
Vibrate with bold and rustic energy when you put on this raw bloodstone necklace! Handset using natural, polished bloodstone, the March birthstone necklace resonates with your heart chakra to increase...
White Howlite Bracelet - Calming Unicorn Bracelet DesignsbyNatureGems

White Howlite Healing Crystal - Mala Bracelet with Amazonite and Rose Quartz

Release, breathe and smile as you wear this calming unicorn crystal bracelet. This healing crystal bracelet integrates white howlite, amazonite, and rose quartz to increase your own calming, self-love vibes...
White Howlite Chakra Bracelet Designs by Nature Gems

Rainbow White Howlite Healing Crystal - Mala Bracelet with Carnelians, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst

Resonate with your chakras while calming the mind with this white howlite chakra bracelet! The mala bracelet’s stretch design lets you easily put it on and off throughout the day....
Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings

Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings

From $42.00
Asymmetrical, tumbled tigers eye gemstones combine to create these fun and funky gemstone stud earrings. The tigers eye earrings are all one of a kind, pairing two individual tiny tigers...
Tigers Eye Crystal Ring DesignsbyNatureGems

Tiger's Eye Ring - Antique Bronze and Silver

Ground and balance your vibes with this tigers eye ring. Made with positive energy, the wire wrapped ring gives you an earthy vibe with anything you wear. You can wear...
Red Tigers Eye Crystal Necklace - Antique Bronze and Silver DesignsbyNatureGems

Red Tigers Eye Crystal Necklace - Antique Bronze and Silver

From $97.00
Activate your energy with this raw red tigers eye pendant. Made with positive vibes, natural red tigers eye necklace gives you a grounded, fiery yet earthy vibe when you wear...
Dark Amethyst Earrings - Gold and Silver DesignsbyNatureGems

Dark Polished Amethyst Stud Earrings

From $42.00
Release your stress with these dark amethyst stud earrings. Made with positive vibes, raw crystal earrings give you a fun vibe with anything you wear. Amethyst helps release stress and...
Amethyst Sterling Silver Plated Charm Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Amethyst Sterling Silver Plated Charm Necklace

From $83.00
Let your stress flow out of you with amethyst's healing vibes. Made with loving energy, this amethyst necklace elegantly compliments any outfit by its small size. The detailed everyday necklace...
Raw Dark Amethyst Necklace - Silver Wire Wrapped DesignsbyNatureGems

Dark Amethyst Necklace - Silver Plated Necklace

From $138.00
Let the dark purple vibes release your stress with this raw amethyst necklace. Known as February's birthstone, the women's and men's crystal necklace's design and stone connect you to your...
Amethyst Wrap Bracelet - Aromatherapy Designs by Nature Gems
5 Inch6 Inch7 Inch8 Inch9 Inch10 Inch

Amethyst Wrap Bracelet - Aromatherapy

Release stress and strengthen your spiritual connection with this amethyst aromatherapy bracelet. Handmade with love and reiki vibes, you can double wrap this leather bracelet as a choker for versatility...
Raw Amethyst Stud Earrings DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Amethyst Stud Earrings

From $42.00
 Open your self to wisdom and higher level protection when wearing these raw amethyst earrings. Known as the stone of higher knowledge, amethyst's energies reduce stress and give you insight...
Raw Rose Quartz Crystal Stud Earrings DesignsbyNatureGems

Rose Quartz Stud Earrings

From $42.00
Relax when you wear these raw rose quartz earrings! Filled with love and positive vibes, these raw stone studs are individually selected to be unique to create fun, one-of-a-kind earrings....