Moonstone, the Traveler's Stone (June Birthstone)

Moonstone, the Traveler's Stone (June Birthstone)

Moonstone June Birthstone

Welcome to June! This year has been moving very quickly and yet somehow, not fast enough. We are all looking for support and inspiration at this time of the year. There is so much energy, and with it, the idea of endless possibilities. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we are filled with a new hope for the days to come. June’s birthstone, moonstone, helps us focus that new hope we feel into new possibilities. Moonstone brings its beauty through a variety of colours, distinguished by its white reflection and soothing feel.

It connects to spirit to help us listen to our higher guides and own Higher Self. Extra bonus - gemstone helps out all those born under the Cancer zodiac (June 22 - July 21). 

Moonstone is known as the ‘The Traveler’s Stone’. The crystal protects travelers and is a gift for lovers. We can use the energies to fulfill prophecy and gain wisdom. Use this stone to influence your behaviour and emotions and foster spiritual growth.

The moon inspired this stone's name..  The crystal's milky white appearance led to it resonating with the moon's mystery. There is magic in the moon, some say. Like the phases of the moon, the cycle of change can be found in the natural rhythms of our life. 


History of Moonstone 

History of Moonstone

Moonstone can be dated back more than 2000 years. It was found in places all over Europe and Asia. The ancient Romans used it as a sign of love. Similarly in India, the stone held special significance for lovers and was often given as a wedding gift. While in Europe, the stone has been used to reconcile estranged lovers. There is a belief that moonstone offers protections and gives uplifting hope.



Uses of Moonstone

Uses of Moonstone

The June birthstone can be used to:

  • Offer hope 
  • Provide protection
  • Enhances spiritual growth
  • Help gain wisdom


The stone is perfect for:

  • The avid traveller
  • The estranged lover
  • The introspective person
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