The Meaning and Properties of Ruby Crystal - The July Birthstone

The Meaning and Properties of Ruby Crystal - The July Birthstone

The meaning and properties of Ruby are super interesting to read. When choosing which crystals to bring into your life it's important to vibe with the crystal as well as understand how the crystal can benefit you. 

What is the meaning of Ruby?

The word Ruby actually comes from the Latin word "ruber", which means red. Ruby is a very precious stone, it's also the birthstone for the month of July. Ruby can come in many different colours, ranging from red to pink. When a Ruby is heat treated, more of a pink colour comes out. Ancients believed Ruby was a stone of nobility, and more precious than a diamond. For many centuries Ruby has been favoured by royalty. People with loving and royal personalities usually tend to be attracted to the Ruby crystal.

What are the healing properties of Ruby?

The meaning and properties of Ruby are good to read when looking to bring the crystal into your life. The properties of Ruby can make a positive impact on your life. It is the crystal of passion, protection, and prosperity and carries vibrations that radiates positive energies and enthusiasm.

Ruby does the following:

  • Recharges your energy levels to keep you at a higher frequency.
  • Stimulates the mind to think more positively and be self-assured.
  • Increases desires and sexual energy. As well as initiating the sensual pleasures of life.
  • Encourages you to embrace all of life's experiences and to be fearless.
  • An amazing protection stone, it protects you from individuals who wish to take away your positive energies.
  • It dispels negative energies.
  • Has a strong energy of love and beauty.
  • Promotes self love, encouraging to give love to the world which will can positively impact your life.
  • Encourages one to appreciate the joys of the world by stimulating the heart.

What are the uses of Ruby?

Once you understand the meaning and properties of ruby there are many ways you can use the crystal to benefit your life. As Ruby is a stone of passion, when wearing Ruby you will be very passionate about every task and project you work on. Often ruby stimulates the mind to think more positively and be self-assured by promoting a clear mind, intellect, motivation and increased concentration. An excellent crystal to wear when in need of energy and motivation for a project or for a student.  It's vibrant and fiery color will undoubtedly put you in a positive mood, resulting in feelings of a sense of power and confidence. Use the crystal to set daily or weekly intentions by holding the stone or piece of jewelry in the palm of your hands and setting your intentions and goals, you will feel the stone begin to assist you.

Types of Ruby

There are actually a few different types of Ruby and can range from a vibrant red color to a reddish brown color. As previously mentioned a Ruby can be heat treated to improve its color. Usually when a stone has more of a brownish color it is heat treated since the red color is more valuable. Heat treatment can also make a Ruby more pinkish, like our raw Ruby ring.

Here are a few of the many variations of Ruby:

  • Burmese, which has an exceptional red color.
  • Pigeon's blood, which has a deep blood-like red color with a tint of blue.
  • Ruby Fuschite, which has a dark red ruby combined with a green Fuschite.
  • Ruby Zoisite, which has a combination of Ruby and green Zoisite. This type makes a beautiful contrasted crystal.

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