Designs by Nature ™ is a handmade, artisan led small business.

From conception to evolution, Designs by Nature Gems has combined a unique passion of crystal, the art of wire wrapping and luxury beauty into one unforgettable experience.

Note from the Founder: 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my bohemian boutique, Designs by Nature Gems. We are a small business, specializing in luxury crystal jewelry. Every piece you see is handmade in Toronto, Canada.

Our pieces were originally designed by me with a nature-inspired vision. As a light worker, I’ve been blessed to offer my handmade jewelry to citizens of the world, in a way that compliments their personal styles while also accentuating the most striking components of the raw materials. Every piece is detailed and wearable art.

Our commitment as a business is to be a sustainable and ethical business. We do this through two distinct ways.
1. We are continually re-evaluating our carbon footprint and taking active steps to reduce waste. We do this through our ethical sourcing initiatives, thoughtful waste production and intentional shopping with local supplies.
    2. We are committed to hiring only ethically. As a business, our belief is grounded in the wellness of our artists.
          • All our employees are local and strong members of their community.
          • All our employees are paid a living wage (above the standard)
          • All our employees are provided paid time off, sick leave and other required time for a healthy person.
          • All our employees are provided full access to benefits
          • All our employees are given an accommodated schedule for flexibility and work life balance.

    As an artist, I know the importance of sustainability in all practices. Here at Designs by Nature Gems, we are paving the way to show that ethical businesses are possible. I am committed in my vision to a healthy company that you can feel good supporting, knowing every piece is made with true care and love.



    Designs by Nature Gems started as a concept in 2012 by Laura Sultan, an at-risk teacher in New Zealand. As a way to find balance in her life, her love for crystals and natural talent for wire-wrapping led to natural passion of wire wrapped jewelry. She spent her weeks crafting and designing a variety of hand wrapped pendants, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

    In 2013, she immigrated to Canada as a cosmic push and began her journey as a self-made entrepreneur. Moving to Toronto, she found it important to remain connected to nature and to continue to help others connect to that natural world. She started in local fairs, craft shows and art shows. And, shortly after took the leap into e-commerce and never looked back. 

    Today, Designs by Nature Gems Inc. is carried on multiple platforms and is recognized as a successful small business. Laura continues her work on crystal healing and has returned to teaching, this time as a Business Consultant, to help other entrepreneurs find success. 


    Each piece either starts with a raw crystal. We weave a nature derived concept or follow the organic line of the crystal. Our designs are original creations of Laura Sultan and the team. Using a variety of techniques, including wire wrapping, every piece is custom made to fit the unique nature of the stone. 

    No machinery is used in making of our work. All pieces are made by hand in Toronto, Canada.


    We use a variety of different supplies in our pieces. From our metals, packaging, supplies, tools and crystals, we make an active effort to source from as many local stores and small business as possible. We are currently working on a list of the suppliers we use to encourage others to support them as well. 

    Our metals are: nickel free, lead free, and hypoallergenic

    Each piece uses a different type of metal but our most common are: 

    • Antique Bronze (Copper Core) 
    • Sterling Silver 0.925 
    • Gold Filled
    • Gold Plated 
    • Silver Plated

    Our crystals are procured from suppliers around the world in the most ethical way possible. As we value the crystals we only use only the highest quality and grade possible. Our most common crystals come from USA, Columbia, Pakistan, New Zealand and India. 

    Laura Sultan

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Senka Alempijevic

    Chief Operating Officer

    Mithika Roy

    Marketing Director

    Shivika Sahani

    Company Buyer and Amazon Distribution Manager

    Elisa Colarocchio

    Production Manager


    Jewelry Maker and Designer

    Cristy Macalino

    Studio Assistant

    Oren Greenberg

    IT Consultant