9 Crystals to Use During Yoga Sessions

9 Crystals to Use During Yoga Sessions

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Yoga and crystals go hand-in-hand. For many of us crystal lovers, we also practice yoga to connect to our bodies physically and spiritually. Each yogic position resonated with certain chakras. Deep breathing as we bend and twist intensifies our connection with that specific chakra and body part. Crystals enhance these connections through also resonating with our charkas. Every crystal on earth vibes with one to two parts of our body. Below is just a short list of nine crystals that will help deepen your yogic practice:



    Amethyst resonates with our crown chakra and helps us hear your higher wisdom. The healing crystal gives you a calm, centered feeling as you flow through your yoga positions. Amethyst heightens your divine connection to the universe, letting you know that everything happens for a reason and to trust in that reason. Understanding this concept helps increase your inner serenity and aid in centering you during your practice. 


    Rose Quartz

      Who doesn’t need a little more love? Rose quartz resonates with our heart chakra to give you that wonderful, warm, comfy feeling we get when around those who love us. When practicing yoga, the healing crystal’s warmth moves through our body. We feel our muscles warm-up slightly more easily and each pose take a little less effort when this crystal hangs around. Rose quartz’s loving vibe just makes practicing a bit easier.



        Moonstone brings balance to our practice. The healing crystal connects to the moon’s feminine energy to accept that energy flows through us and the universe. With this understanding, we can let our breath flow easier through our body. This activates our kundalini energy and deepens our practice.


        Clear Quartz 

          Clear quartz amplifies the intention we set at the beginning of our yoga practice. The healing crystal vibrates with pure light energy. This type of energy feels and connects with our own energy output to help manifest it into reality. In yoga, that means quartz’s energy resonates with our intention to help it become into being. 


          Black Tourmaline or Obsidian

            Black tourmaline and obsidian are wonderfully grounding, protection crystals. Depending on your own energy and practice style, you may prefer one over the other. Black tourmaline resonates with a more masculine vibe to create a quicker, more intense grounding experience. Obsidian, alternatively, provides a more feminine energy that protects and ground you but without the same intensity. Both crystals help let us give attention to how we feel when flowing through our yoga poses. In addition, their protection aspect lets you vibe freely without worry of maybe accidently picking-up someone else’s unwanted energy. 


            Tigers Eye

              Tiger’s eye helps us ground to the earth. Like tree pose and mountain poses, grounding fundamentally keeps us able to complete more challenging poses without losing touch with our body. In addition, tiger’s eye provides balance to our being through the solar plexus and root chakras. We can use this balance to deepen our experience of each pose with self-awareness of our energetic and physical selves.



              Aquamarine helps us release energy blocks or pent-up energy found in our body. At the beginning of many yoga practices, we check-in with our body to see where the “sticky” parts are. These areas come from energy not flowing through that body part. Aquamarine helps release the energy in these sticky parts. This enables us to deepen our yoga practice without possibly hurting ourselves by pushing the sticky body part. 



                Amazonite embodies the yogic philosophy of mindfulness and self-awareness. The healing crystal connects your throat chakra to your heart chakra. Resonating with these two chakras lets you speak your truth to yourself and others. In our practice, amazonite lets us hear our heart-centered knowledge. We then use this awareness to become more mindful in our practice and daily lives.



                  Labradorite opens us to the mystery of the universe and the mystery within ourselves. As such, many individuals connect the healing crystal with magic. In essence, magic is transformational energy. We can use this transformational energy to deepen our yogic practice on the spiritual path. Each pose can mean more. Each movement can help create a new, solid reality for us. We can use labradorite to let the universe help teach us more about ourselves and our reality in the yogic energetic method. 


                  Now that you've gone through this list, it's time to choose the right crystal for you! Check out our handmade jewelry collection and see which of these pieces call you!


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