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Recently, I was told to write a book concerning my pieces. As I have tried to write a blog repeatedly on this subject, I found the heartfelt recommendation ironically funny. Tonight, at a sleepless 4:15 AM in the morning, I will commence my third, or perhaps fourth attempt at maintaining a blog. However, the focus shall shift from creating stories inspired by my textured work to explaining the inspiration behind to my work.

It is only fitting that the semi-commencing entry to be written about a semi-commencing piece: Ocean Turquoise

This piece arose from my love of turquoise color and my avoidance of the color orange. In early 2013, I decided to combine my opposing color passions in an effort to expand my own ability and artistic flair. (This same choice has occurred numerously since then.) As an artist, I was quite aware that these colors were complimentary and, as such, were extremely visually compatible. However my animosity towards orange remained constant.

Thus began the search towards designing a piece that aligned with my work’s underlying theme, to be connected to nature, and integrating orange. Luckily, my mother gave me a little bag of coral the year previously. Its orange color immediately foretold what the theme would be- the ocean. A gorgeous underwater bed with coral and pearl. Yet, my search has not ended completion. I wanted to add a complexity to this piece as it was one of my first ever created. I continued to hunt through my gemstones to discover orange calcite and sand-colored jasper. Hazaa! The secondary theme quickly evolved into the desert, from where my love of turquoise blossomed four years prior in New Mexico.

Excitedly, I began working, endeavoring to create a piece that represented this wonderful duality. The piece slowly formed, combining two elements that more people have yet to notice, or if so, have not verbally indicated to me.

The next stage became how to clasp this beauty? People struggle closing toggle clasps when the bracelet is wide and form-fitting. A lobster clasp, no matter the size, would look dinky, or worse, cheap. Thus, I opted for functionality. When I first learned how to make wire crochet bracelets, my instructor had a sumptuous display of dazzling Czech glass buttons that we used for clasps. Following her wisdom behind the button method, I chose to look for vintage buttons that would indirectly respect the historical textile weave. I scoured various shops to discoverer the perfect vintage button that would compliment my themes. A non-intrusive, demure  sand shaded button circa twenty to forty years ago caught my eye. It perfectly connected the two themes as sand is found in both locals, granted one unseen. This button completed my first ever nature-based wire crochet gemstone bracelet, and as such, helped to create an addiction while making any wire crochet work.

I hope you have enjoyed this story as it is the first in hopefully many to come.

If you would like to know more, check out this piece at my Etsy store.


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