What materials are used for the jewelry?

Detailed information about the materials can be found on this page

Care instructions

All pieces are made using high quality, nickle free, lead free, and hypoallergenic materials. With that said, please avoid salt water and swimming pools. 

For Wire Wrapped Pieces:
Metal does change color on acidic skin. (A person has a acidic skin when their skin eats through enamels and top metal layers.) If you notice a color change occurring, put a coat of clear nail polish on the wrapping to maintain the metal coating. If you would like the stone be rewrapped in 0.925 sterling silver or 14k gold, contact me and I will do so at cost.

Custom and personalised orders

I adore doing customs and personalized orders!

I do require a 50% deposit on any personalized or custom order unless we have agreed on another payment schedule.

If you are sending me a stone to wrap, no deposit it required.

Can I update my order after placing it?

If your order hasn't shipped yet, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please message us, referencing your order number. 

I want to return or exchange my item

Items can be returned or exchanged within two weeks of expected delivered date. (Expected delivered date is 2 weeks for North America; 4 weeks for Everywhere Else)

Prior returning, you must send a picture of the item in perfect condition. Once the item has arrived, I will email you and complete the refund in 24 hours.

Personalized and Custom Orders:
There are no returns on custom orders. I am happy to do an exchange and work on an alternate design.

Prior exchanging, you must send a picture of the item in perfect condition. Once the item has arrived, I will email you and complete the refund in 24 hours.

Customs and Duty Fees for UK, EU and other International Orders

If you live outside of the USA and Canada, your country may charge customs and duty. The buyer is solely responsibile for customs and duty their home country may charge for their purchase.

If you do not know if your country charges customs and duty, I recommend a quick Google search of your country's name and "custom charges on incoming packages."

I didn't receive my item

Please allow up to two weeks for North American shipping and up to 6 weeks for international shipping to arrive.

Once item is shipped, the buyer takes all responsibility for the item. If an item does not arrive within the expected time period, the buyer can contact Designs by Nature Gems for a partial refund or to purchase the same item at cost. This refund is the original item's retail price minus shipping and handling.

All items are shipped without tracking unless the tracking option is chosen during checkout. (Tracking is about $15 and above in Canada.)
Postage upgrades are offered upon checkout. These upgrades include tracking, expedited, and xpress shipping.

Is there tracking on orders?

The normal shipping option does not include tracking. Tracking is only added if you have purchased two items or have chosen it during checkout.
(The reason behind this is that a package crossing borders is $18 CAD and above with tracking. If you live in Canada, tracking is still $10 CAD.)

How do I cleanse the crystals?

You can easily cleanse your crystal jewelry using sage smoke or leaving it in the moonlight on a full moon overnight.

Do not use water and salt to cleanse your jewelry- it corrodes the metal and will hurt the pendant and sometimes the crystal.

Feel free to message me for a full set of cleansing instructions! :)