Material Descriptions

This page is to explain in depth all materials used in my work.



  • 14K Gold - To make the pieces more affordable, we use 14K-gold heavy-plated copper core wire in our pieces. Upon request, we can work with solid 14K gold as well. Please contact us for details and quotes.
  • Silver – Bright silver is a silver plated copper core wire. / Darker silver is tin copper core wire. I use the tin version to avoid the nickle typically used in dark silver.
  • Brass- 100% pure brass wire. 
  • Color- All colors are an enameled copper core wire.
  • Antique Bronze- The wire is a copper core color wire.


  • Silver / White Gold- The chain is a white gold plated brass chain. Using white gold for the plating avoids nickle typically used to create darker silver chains.
  • Brass- 100% nickle-free brass chain
  • Copper- 100% nickle-free copper chain
  • Gunmetal- 100% nickle-free mixed metal dark gunmetal chain
  • Antique Bronze- 100% nickle free antiqued bronze chain
  • Antique Copper- 100% nickle free antiqued copper chain
  • Leather- Cow hide leather
  • Cotton Cord- 100% vegan cotton cord with a wax coating

Chainmaille Rings

  • Silver- 100% nickle-free bright aluminum. This metal tarnishes extremely slowly. (It takes approximately 6 years to see any tarnishing.)
  • Bronze- 100% nickle-free mixed metal.
  • Color- 100% nickle-free anodized aluminum. The anodizing process involves heating the metal, adding the color, and letting the metal cool. The color does not tarnish over time.

Sterling Silver

  • Wire- 0.925 sterling silver wire, 100% nickle free.
  • Chainmaille Rings- 0.925 sterling silver wire, 100% nickle free. 
  • Chain- 0.925 sterling silver wire, 100% nickle free. Style and size of chain is chosen to best flatter the pendant purchased.