June Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl

June Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl

June Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl

June Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl


Meaning of Moonstone

For June, moonstone brings hope as we enter the middle of the year. With an enhancement of one's psychic abilities, this healing crystal brings the feeling of  abundance and helps open you up to the beautiful gifts the universe has to offer. With this stone, it also helps enhance your internal feminine energies, such as gentle intuition and sensitivity.

For some women, the gemstone helps with regulating one's cycle with the change in the lunar cycle with it's connection to lunar energy. It is also known as a protection talisman throughout fertility.

Moonstone resonates with the crown and third eye chakras.  

Meaning of Pearl

Pearl represents purity and innocence. In the month of June, this healing crystal connects to elemental water energies.  Pearls are naturally made by oysters and mussels as a natural defence. They serve as the perfect metaphor for turning hardship into something so beautiful and pure. 

Since 2300 BC, pearls have been used as gifts to serve royalty from China to Rome. They were seen as the ultimate status symbol. Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones known to man in human jewelry creation. 

With pearl, there are many meaning and uses. It brings us wisdom from our lived experiences and helps us walk in the path of calm energy. Keep a pearl with you for good luck.


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