Meaning of Sapphire Crystal - History and Healing Properties of September Birthstone

Meaning of Sapphire Crystal - History and Healing Properties of September Birthstone

Wisdom, royalty, a rich history - who wouldn’t want to learn more about the illustrious stone, sapphire? From King Solomon to Moses to the Oracle of Delphi, blue sapphire was used to represent wise actions that help our human history. That translates into helping you to concentrate on a task at hand, think through some difficult work, and listening to yourself about the right choices in a difficult situation. 

As with any phenomenal history, this healing crystal has a story to tell...


Mining of Sapphire

Sapphire comes in a variety of colors, but for ease of understanding, we will focus only on blue sapphire. Sapphire can be found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.  It can also be found in parts of India and southeast Asia.


Name and History of Sapphire

Sapphire come from Latin sapphrius, or blue stone. This name continues across various languages and countries being translated into the local language. It became sappheiros in Greek, bleu de roi in French, and sanipryam in Sanskrit. This amazing stone traveled regions being worn by royalty and shamans.


Healing Properties of Sapphire

Sapphire helps balance your emotions and sharpen your focus. It’s a great stone if you need help with self-confidence and to improve your self-esteem. With the help of sapphire and your improved self-esteem, you will have a better understanding of yourself and create a better sense of happiness. Your anger and frustration will be relieved, all thanks to sapphire. With an overall greater sense of happiness, you will be able to focus better by reducing confusion in your mind and life.

Sapphire is also a great meditation crystal. The wisdom this stone brings will help the mind concentrate. It clears away any doubts and brings forth knowledge and understanding. You will be able to start thinking more critically about your life and make better decisions.


What To Use Sapphire For

Blue sapphire helps with…

  • Concentrating on a task at hand
  • Increasing self-discipline
  • Soothes insomnia
  • Frees us from “inner prisons”
  • In meditation: increases concentration and helps us resonate with our third eye and throat chakras to listen to our inner wisdom



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