How to Use Crystals

How to Use Crystals

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Ways to Use Crystals

There is so many ways to use crystals in your life! You can use your crystals in yoga, meditation, setting intentions. You could just use them for a beautiful accessory. Crystals will send you lots of positive energies and one may just wear them or carry them for the positive vibes they give off. Use crystals to connect with the universe, your intuition, and someone else's soul. Wear or carry your crystals to manifest and live your best life. One very popular use for crystals is healing, emotional or physical wounds.  Crystals are amazing for calming your emotions, great for stress and anxiety.

Crystals and Meditation

In your meditation practices use crystals to gain a deeper connection to God and the unseen realms. Crystals help you get a deeper meditation and give you access to spaces you may not have access to on your own. Use crystals in your meditation practices! Helps you connect to your higher self, your spiritual masters and ascended beings to give you greater clarity on your path in life. You can use many different stones for meditations for many different purposes. Chose your stone based on what your intentions are. Rose quartz is very calming and soothing to use in your meditations. Clear quartz is known as the "The Master Healer". Amethyst is a great stone to meditate with as an all purpose stone.

Crystals and Yoga

Another way to use crystals is to add them into your yoga practices! Whether you just carry them in your bag and think of the intentions they carry during your yoga practice. You could also wear a piece of crystal jewelry as long as it won't be dangerous in any poses! Crystal studs or mala bracelets would be great for yoga practices as they are snug and won't bother you. During your yoga practices you may place a stone on your mat and think of its importance and the meaning it represents as you hold your pose. You will feel a deep connection to your crystal and your higher self.

Crystals and living your best life

Crystals help enhance and direct you into living the most positive, best life your mind, body and soul desires. There are many crystals that can help you live your happiest, fullest life. Crystals can be worn as jewelry or carried around with you throughout the day to keep you on your highest frequency. There are many with different properties to help you manifest what you desire in this universe. To name a few; Citrine attracts abundance and prosperity into your life, helps you manifest money and new opportunities, great to wear when seeking a new job or to remove financial blockages. Black tourmaline is an amazing protection stone, place it in your home or wear it as jewelry to keep yourself protected from any negative energies or intentions that may harm you.

Crystals Calming emotions, stress and anxiety

Wear or Carry calming stones to stay aligned and at peace. Certain crystals help you to remove any added stress and anxiety you may feel. You can continue with your day and get everything done without any emotional obstacles. Carnelian is a great stone that keeps you motivated, inspired and confident. Carnelian is an energy booster that removes any negative and impure energies. Instead of stressing about your anxious vibes, connecting with and trusting your crystals will help to reduce your anxious feelings. Crystals help to clear your mind and help you see what is truly important to manifest your desires. When your body, soul and mind is at peace you are in complete control of yourself and have the ability to create and be whatever you truly want.

Crystals and connecting to the universe

To vibe and connect with your crystals is the most important part. Understand crystals and their properties. Decide which crystal will be best for you and your manifestations. Charge your crystals with love, cleanse them as needed and set the intentions you wish to obtain. Setting intentions lets the universe know you truly want something and are putting all of your energy into receiving what you desire. Also crystals help give you mental clarity for you to find your purpose in this universe. Trust your crystals and your intuition to connect with your higher self, live on your highest frequency and be your happiest. If something you desire is on this earth, there is no reason why you cannot manifest it. You must put all your effort and energy into manifesting it, the universe will feel your efforts and make it seemingly easy for you to manifest it.

Using crystals to connect with someone

There are many communication stones such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Ametrine that are great to help you speak more clearly and truthfully. Also Rose quartz and rhodonite are unconditional love stones who can help a couple to come together and appreciate eachother. Couples can do rituals with crystals. For example they could use rhodonite and red jasper to clear up any unspoken problems and start to appreciate eachother. Both holding a stone in the palm of their hand, holding it to their heart. Either setting an intention for their relationship or speaking the truth about their relationships issue. Then each sayimg 5 things they appreciate about their partner. This will help you both to speak more truthfully and not let little things stop you from enjoying your time with your loved ones.

Crystals and healing

Another way to use crystals is to wear crystals or place them around your home to help you with emotional, mental and physical pains. Clear quartz for example resonates with the higher chakras bringing in love and light. Connects to your higher-self, higher wisdom, higher consciousness and unconditional love. Crystals will surround you with positive energies while disposing the negative energies. Certain crystals can help you to let go of your past and feel motivated and excited about your future. Crystals will bring positives energies into your life which will help you to attract more positive energies. The more positive you are, the more positive vibes you will attract, resulting in you living your happiest, healthiest life.

Ways to use crystal jewelry

Wearing crystal jewelry has become very popular. Its a way to stay connected to and feel the positive vibrations from your crystals. Wearing your crystals throughout the day helps you stay centered and at peace as you may face conflicts. If you chose a protection stone like black tourmaline, you could use it to repel negative energies that may be around you throughout the day. Wherever I have mentioned a crystal in this post i linked it to the designs I have made using those crystals! So just click on the crystal if you're interested in seeing my designs! I also can make custom designs for anyone who is interested in me making a special one for you!

Learn more about crystal uses

I love reading and researching about the many beautiful crystals and ways to use them. I've felt many great connections with stones and I find many have helped me manifest my desires. I love learning ways to connect with my crystals. I am a big lover of crystal jewelry, I love to wear it throughout the day to help keep me centered! Here are a few websites I read quite often when I need some more crystal knowledge:

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