6th Anniversary Gifts

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Mens Raw Amethyst Crystal Necklace - February Birthstone Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Amethyst Crystal Necklace

From $ 56.99 USD
Let your higher wisdom give you a strong protection vibe with this raw amethyst necklace. Bold line with detailed design makes this rustic stone necklace a great fit for any...
Raw Bloodstone and Garnet Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Bloodstone and Garnet Necklace

From $ 82.95 USD
Antique bronze and silver create an unique, organic style setting in this bloodstone necklace. Integrating garnet crystals with delicate wire work, the wire wrapped pendant both accents bloodstone's natural beautiful...
Raw Dark Amethyst Necklace - Silver Wire Wrapped DesignsbyNatureGems

Dark Amethyst Necklace - Silver Plated Necklace

From $ 99.99 USD
Let the dark purple vibes release your stress with this raw amethyst necklace. Known as February's birthstone, the women's and men's crystal necklace's design and stone connect you to your...
Men's Raw Garnet Crystal Necklace - January Birthstone Pendant DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Garnet Crystal Necklace - Pendant

From $ 72.95 USD
A powerful raw stone creates a bold, rustic garnet necklace. The wire wrapped pendant is reversible and gives you two sides to choose from each time you wear it. You...
Wire Wrapped Amethyst Ring - February Birthstone DesignsbyNatureGems

Polished Amethyst Ring - Antique Bronze

From $ 58.99 USD
Antique bronze wire surrounds a vibrant amethyst in this purple crystal ring. The wire wrapped ring uses intense detail work to create a unique and beautiful statement ring. Also known...
Raw Garnet Pendant - January Birthstone Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Garnet Pendant - Silver Plated Necklace

From $ 87.99 USD
Grow your inner dreams into your reality with this raw garnet necklace. Handmade with positive vibes, you can wear this silver wire wrapped pendant with a variety of outfits. A...
Raw Amethyst Healing Crystal Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Amethyst Healing Crystal Necklace

From $ 68.99 USD
Brass wire weaves into silver to create an organic, flowing amethyst pendant. The wire wrapped healing crystal necklace is both classy and unique, making it a wonderful boho wedding or...
Amethyst Healing Crystal - Mala Bracelet DesignsbyNatureGems

Amethyst Healing Crystal - Mala Bracelet

$ 34.99 USD
Chill and enhance your meditative practices each time you wear our amethyst mala bracelet. Made using a simple design that can accentuate any outfit, this healing crystal bracelet uses natural amethyst to...
Aquamarine and Garnet Necklace - Antique Bronze DesignsbyNatureGems

Aquamarine and Garnet Necklace - Antique Bronze

From $ 87.99 USD
Feel grounded and relax when wearing this garnet and aquamarine necklace. The steampunk-inspired design mixes January's and March's birthstones to create an elegant piece you can wear everyday. The reversible...
Amethyst Pendant Necklace - Antique Bronze DesignsbyNatureGems

Amethyst Pendant Necklace - Antique Bronze

From $ 67.99 USD
Feel connected to the woods and Spirit when you wear your raw amethyst necklace. Made using natural Brazilian amethyst, the natural amethyst pendant incorporates bold lines with intricate detail to...
Raw Amethyst Stud Earrings DesignsbyNatureGems

Raw Amethyst Earrings - Stud on Post Earrings

From $ 24.99 USD
 Open your self to wisdom and higher level protection when wearing these raw amethyst earrings. Known as the stone of higher knowledge, amethyst's energies reduce stress and give you insight...
Garnet Crystal Ring - Antique Bronze DesignsbyNatureGems

Garnet Crystal Ring - Antique Bronze

$ 49.99 USD
Antique bronze wire wraps a crystal sphere in this garnet ring. Known as January's birthstone, the detailed wire work creates an organic design perfectly fitting the garnet's unique deep purple...