14K Gold and Sterling Silver Bridal Emerald Necklace - May Birthstone Pendant

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Resonate with heart-centered love on your special day when you wear this emerald bridal necklace! Handcrafted with care, the raw emerald pendant adds that natural green touch to your special bridal outfit. The sterling silver and 14k gold setting make the pendant versatile. You can easily wear it with non-wedding outfits. Emerald's energy connects to your heart to let you live fully this special day and all the beautiful days following. You can choose the emerald set to personalize your green crystal wedding necklace.

  • 50 ct Raw Emerald Necklace in 0925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled Setting
  • Artistic Wire Wrapped Pendant
  • Option Between 18 inch or 24 inch Black Leather or 0925 Sterling Silver Chain
  • Option to Pick Your Emerald for the Necklace



Your raw emerald pendant ranges from 1.5" to 2.5″ (3.81 to 6.35 cm) tall and approximately 1.0" to 1.2″ (2.54 to 3.18 cm) wide depending on the emerald set.


Meaning of Emerald

Emerald connects with your heart chakra to help you live a brave, authentic life. Its healing energy reinforces your heart's true identity. It lets you take each daily step with love to you and your purpose.

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