Natural Jasper Necklaces For Him and Her

Our handcrafted natural Jasper jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful crystal gift for men and women.


The Rainforest Jasper necklace helps its owner to connect with the energy of the forest and the heart chakra. The Picasso Jasper necklace is a wonderful jewel for protecting yourself from negative energy. The Red Jasper necklace will boost your energy and help you stay emotionally grounded. And the Kambaba Jasper necklace provides peace and tranquility.


  • "The pendant is amazing, and well crafted. I love how I was able to choose which crystal I wanted. Definitely a piece I will wear every day."
    - martd913 on Etsy
  • "I bought this as a gift for my best friend and she loved it! It arrived right on time and I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!"
    - tawaa16 on Etsy
  • "Gorgeous!!! Beyond my expectations! Very responsive seller! Fast shipment!! Thank you!"
    - Jennifer Jones on Etsy
  • "Laura was very helpful and I had an opportunity to pick my stone. I love this piece and was pleasantly surprised at how big the stone is and the beautiful way it is wrapped in wire, I feel like I am wearing a piece of art. "
    - cheryl hagen on Etsy

We make custom jewelry! <3

A piece created for YOU only, with a crystal and design of your choice.  

Send us a message and we will create something beautiful for you or a loved one!

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