Our Story, Our Mission

A little item often uplifts the soul.

Designs by Nature Gems creates these little items for its clients.

Our goal is to take a small item and create it into something that brings our clients joy and support. We do this with crystals. Each crystal gives an emotion or energy that helps a client. We then caringly handcraft a detailed jewelry setting to give a home to that crystal. When making the crystal’s home, we transfer the love for our work and the crystal into its setting. 

Our client receives this little item full of love, care, and crystal healing. 

We couldn't create these crystal homes without nature. Our stones come from nature. Each design is inspired by nature’s smooth lines yet detailed structure. 

Designs by Nature Gems came from local and small business support and wishes to give back to it. We honor our history by supporting other small and local businesses. 

Our team represents what we wish the world to become. Through working together, supporting each other, and finding something new can we grow. Our team comes from various professional and personal backgrounds to create a new environment based on collaboration, diverse viewpoints, and communication to grow a positive affecting business for both employees and clients. 


  • Uplifting Clients
    Everyone gets down at times. DbNG endeavors to uplift our clients’ spirits through beautiful crystals set in handmade, detailed designs.

  • Connect to Nature
    If our clients are in a city or the country, our jewelry connects them to nature. We make each piece of jewelry using crystals from the earth set in nature-inspired designs.

  • Support the Small & Local
    From our beginning to our flourishing, DbNG focuses on supporting other small and local businesses from our suppliers to shipping providers.

  • Collaboration Grows Community
    DbNG team works together to support each others’ passion and skills. By collaborating, we grow the company.

  • Strength Comes from Diversity
    We are all very different. By working with our differences, our team strengthens each other as we grow the company.