14K Gold Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

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Imagine sitting next to the woman you love- her smiling and laughing you both holding hands. Slowly, you take a box out of your pocket feeling that the time is right. You turn to her and know that the love in your heart will be expressed in the surprise you are about to show her. She looks at you noticing that you are now on one knee. Her eyes widen slightly as you open the box, then she smiles reflecting the love you feel as she says, “Yes.”

This natural rose quartz ring represents the your shared love. Made by hand using an intricate wire wrapping technique, each thread of 14k gold metal creates an eye shining with the care and commitment you want to give her. Even the rose quartz itself historically and energetically represents love you want to share. When you give her this perfect, one-of-a-kind ring, you will feel the shared love when you propose.