Release anxiety and feel the love with the energies of these uniquely crafted amethyst and rose quartz earrings. Our drop earrings are known for:

  • HANDMADE ORIGINAL DESIGN - We customize each amethyst and rose quartz earring to the unique shape of its stone. This process makes your drop earrings truly one of a kind.
  • AUTHENTIC CRYSTALS & ALLERGY FREE MATERIALS - Your amethyst and rose quartz are authentic and natural. Our artists sort through hundreds of amethysts and rose quartzes to find yours. We only use nickel-free, lead-free and allergy-free metals for your earrings.


Earrings specifics:

  • SIZE & MATERIAL - Your amethyst and rose quartz earrings are about 40mm tall and 6mm wide. All earrings use high quality Silver Plated Copper Core metal.
  • FEEL THE VIBE OF AMETHYST AND ROSE QUARTZ - Amethyst helps you release anxiety, stress and protect your essence. Rose Quartz helps provide the support to enhance your self-care practices to build the positive life you desire. Amethyst and Rose Quartz are February’s Birthstones and great for Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Libra and Taurus zodiac signs. They strengthen your crown and heart chakra.