Turquoise Drop Earrings - 14k Gold Filled Metal Designs by Nature Gems

Turquoise Teardrop Earrings - Sterling Silver

$ 69.99 USD
Play with elegance with fun, bright colors when wearing these turquoise earrings! Each dangling gold earring frames your face while also catching the eye of your friends and family. High quality, hypoallergenic sterling silver metal ensures long lasting pieces that you can wear over the years. Turquoise’s energy enhances your spiritual connection to create a feeling of inner wholeness.


Material Details

  • The stone is genuine faceted turquoise  
  • Rare non-dyed, non-reconstituted turquoise used in each pair
  • Hypoallergenic sterling silver metal setting for long-lasting and reaction-free wearing
  • Turquoise measures 0.4 inches tall by 0.3 inches wide
    • (10 mm tall by 7mm wide) 
  • Beautiful 1.25” drop to add elegance to any of your outfits 
  • You easily put earrings on through simple earring hook 
  • All stones are unique and one of kind


All Designs by Nature Gems jewelry comes with...

  • Bold wire wrapping design unique to Designs by Nature Gems
  • Gift box great for gifting to yourself or someone you love
  • 21 Day Money Back Guarantee



What is the meaning of turquoise?
Turquoise enhances your connection to Spirit and guides you down your path for an increased feeling of wholeness. The stone aids in self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, communication, and feeling whole. It helps you let go of past wrongs and see those mistakes as lessons from the universe.

Who should wear turquoise?
Healers and individuals seeking to let go of past mistakes, see the lessons in them, and calmly walk down the path Spirit has chosen for them.

When should you use this crystal?
Wear turquoise as a talisman along your journey, day or night. Meditating with turquoise will aid in gaining increased clarity and wholeness throughout your day.

How is turquoise formed?
Blue turquoise mixes copper, aluminum, and phosphate to create the vibrant stone. The blue color comes from the copper oxidizing during the formation process.

Turquoise is December's Birthstone.

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