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Learn about Bloodstone!

Learn about Bloodstone!

The Meaning of Bloodstone

The meaning of bloodstone goes way back into ancient history. Often called the sun stone or the Christ stone. Bloodstone is a dark, earthy green color with little dots of red. These little dots of red resemble drops of blood giving the crystal its name of Bloodstone. The dark green color is chalcedony and the red dots is red Jasper. Bloodstone carries energies of courage, passion, and strength. Bloodstone is an intense healing stone and aligns lower chakras with the heart chakra. As well as balancing your entire body. Bloodstone is the original birthstone of March and aquamarine is the more well known March birthstone.

Properties and Uses

Properties of Bloodstone include; protection, healing and an increase in mental clarity. The crystal encourages blessings and prosperity. Use Bloodstone to cleanse and purify your entire body. Great to use to ground negative energies and attract love and positive energies into your life. Bloodstone has great healing properties and helps you overcome any distress, heartbreaks, unfortunate events, etc. It heals any emotional, physical or mental wounds. Bloodstone is great if you are lacking motivation and energy, as the stone heightens your intuition and brings mental clarity. Bloodstone connects with the root chakra which brings you a sense of protection and courage to help you overcome the storms.  Wear one of our bloodstone pieces all day long to feel strong, confident and rejuvenated.

Formation Of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is sourced from India mainly and can be found in Australia, China, and the USA. The crystal is a heliotrope mineral. Mixed with a variety of silica minerals like jasper and chalcedony with small areas of red hematite. The red dots are iron oxide impurities. Bloodstone gets its solid green color from the pieces of Chlorite or amphibole minerals inside Chalcedony. Each stone varies in appearance, you may find many red markings or little to none.

Handmade Bloodstone Jewelry

I have many different Bloodstone designs including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. If Bloodstone sounds right for you after reading this blog post check out my designs. If you have a specific idea in mind, custom orders are an option! All designs are handmade with love, charged and ready to connect with you. I offer a special feature after you place an order; letting you chose the stone that appeals to you most out of my collection. I strongly believe it is important to connect and vibe with your stone!

Learn more about Bloodstone

I love reading and learning more about all kinds of crystals. Bloodstone is an intricate and interesting stone and I encourage you to learn more! If you’re thinking about bringing Bloodstone into your life I’d suggest reading more to make sure the stone is right for you. There are many crystals in the world with different properties to help you live your best life. If you’re interested in learning about other crystals check out my other blog posts. Here are a few websites I love using:


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