Quick witted, affectionate Gemini’s often bring brightness to those they love. However, their dark-side twin may be nervous and indecisive in attempt to continue bringing joy. 

These crystals will help chill some of Gemini’s higher-vibed airiness and let them exist calmly in their duality

  • Aquamarine- Helps sooth Gemini's over-active mind and release energies that may lead to being nervous and inconsistent
  • Tigers Eye- Provides balance to Gemini's dual nature
  • Moonstone- Spiritually helps Gemini  connect to their softer side and fuse the heart/mind duality

Raw Aquamarine Crystal Necklace - Antique Bronze DesignsbyNatureGems
Raw Aquamarine Necklace in Sterling Silver DesignsbyNatureGems
Raw Blue Aquamarine Crystal Necklace - March Birthstone Pendant DesignsbyNatureGems
Aquamarine Sterling Silver Moon Necklace Designs by Nature Gems
Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems
Raw Blue Tiger's Eye Pendant Necklace - Antique Bronze DesignsbyNatureGems
Raw Moonstone Pendant Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems
Wire Wrapped Raw Tiger's Eye Pendant - Antique Bronze and Gold Plated DesignsbyNatureGems
Aquamarine and Garnet Necklace - Antique Bronze DesignsbyNatureGems
Blue Tiger’s Eye Mala Bracelet - Healing Crystal for Meditation, Intuition, and Drive DesignsbyNatureGems
Men's 0925 Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Aquamarine Pendant Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems
Men's Raw Aquamarine Antique Bronze Necklace Designs by Nature Gems
Men's Aquamarine Crystal Necklace - Mixed Wire Black and Silver Copper DesignsbyNatureGems
Red Tigers Eye Crystal Necklace - Antique Bronze and Silver DesignsbyNatureGems
Raw Aquamarine Silver Charm Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems
Aquamarine Bracelet - Black Leather Cord Designs by Nature Gems
Men's Rainbow Moonstone in Antique Bronze - With Black Leather Cord Designs by Nature Gems
Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems
Aquamarine and Pearl Gold Necklace DesignsbyNatureGems
Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant - June Birthstone Jewelry DesignsbyNatureGems