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  • | Laura Sultan

    The Meaning and Properties of Ruby

    The meaning and properties of Ruby are super interesting to read. When choosing which crystals to bring into your life it's important to vibe with the crystal as well as understand how the crystal can benefit you.  What is the meaning of Ruby? The word Ruby actually comes from the Latin wor... View Post
  • | Laura Sultan

    6 Crystals that Make a Great Father's Day Gift for Dad

    Are you a stone lover looking for a special Father's Day gift for dad? Or maybe he loves crystals, but you are unsure which one to get. Each person calls to individual stones. Dads are no different- just their amazing role of parenting needs some extra vibrational help. Below are 6 crystals that ... View Post
  • | Laura Sultan

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas - 5 Crystals That Will Make Your Mom Happy

    Do you know the crystals that make mothers happy? Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to get learning! The natural stones listed below increase popularity every year Mother’s Day. Each of these stones carry healing vibrations including love, calmness, and - of course- feminine energy. Plus, four of the five are also birthstones.

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  • | Laura Sultan

    How to Use and Heal with Quartz - Manifesting Dreams

    Learn how to use clear quartz to help manifest your goals and dreams! View Post
  • | Laura Sultan

    Meaning of Bloodstone - Short Version ;)

    A quick list of properties and healing energies of bloodstone! View Post