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Using Crystals in Everyday Life

  • | Laura Sultan

    How to Use Crystals

    Ways to Use Crystals There is so many ways to use crystals in your life! You can use your crystals in yoga, meditation, setting intentions. You could just use them for a beautiful accessory. Crystals will send you lots of positive energies and one may just wear them or carry them for the positive... View Post
  • | Laura Sultan

    How to Cleanse Crystals

    As I love working with and teaching about crystals, I figured it was time to explain how to cleanse crystals. Each person’s individuals energy and personality often leads them to one or two methods. – I work with salt water, earth, or palo santo depending on the stone I am cleansing and if... View Post
  • | Laura Sultan

    How to Set Intentions in 3 Easy Steps

    As a crystal healer and jewelry maker, clients often ask me how to set intentions for pieces they purchase. The short answer is we all have the innate knowledge and power to set intentions. All we have to do is resonate with the universal energy and focus our will into that crystal However, a si... View Post